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Enrollment Timeline & Application Deadlines

Understand school application and enrollment deadlines and important dates.


  • Schools have different deadlines and timelines.When considering your schools, always find out the date when applications need to be submitted. 
  • Be ready to apply in the FALL to avoid missing enrollment windows.  It can be difficult or impossible to gain admission if enrollment deadlines are missed.  
  • Don’t get lulled to sleep.  Many schools claim to have “rolling” admissions.  However, that does NOT mean there will be an available seat if you apply in the spring.  

Look for school fairs and open houses from fall to spring. Please visit our School Enrollment Event Calendar to stay up to date on enrollment events in Tucson.


MANY schools have application deadlines in NOVEMBER. The misconception is that this is only a private or charter school timeline.  This is NOT the case…this can apply to all types of schools (district public schools, charter schools, and private schools).  

Application tips and reminders for different types of schools

Public District Schools:  

  • All Arizona families are assigned a neighborhood public school to attend. 
  • All school districts have a boundary map – your “neighborhood” school is determined by your home address. 
  • Registration usually opens in November.  Enroll by March at the latest, although most public schools have rolling admissions.
  • Some of the more popular schools or magnet schools may even have a December or Early January priority deadline.
  • Click here for links to all 15 Tucson School Districts enrollment page and more

Public Schools VIA Open Enrollment or Magnet Schools:  

  • This applies to you if you are applying to enroll in a Public District school that is NOT your “neighborhood” or “assigned” school. 
  • Just because they’re public schools doesn’t mean you’re automatically accepted.  
  • Space can be limited and will require an early application (typically early January) if the school is NOT your assigned “neighborhood” school. 
  • Be aware of application deadlines and be ready to apply no later than Early January.

Public Charter Schools:  

  • While Charter Schools in Arizona are indeed public schools – that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed enrollment.  
  • Charter schools may have very short “open enrollment” windows – so check with the school.
  • They may have a limited number of seats available, so they may have a “wait list” for students who are not initially accepted.
  • Be aware of application deadlines and be ready to apply in November or December to have the best opportunity of securing a seat.

Private Schools:  

  • Private schools typically have an admissions process with application deadlines in December or January.
  • An application to a private school will have many moving parts, such as Application, admission tests, transcripts from previous schools, letters of recommendation, interviews, and more.
  • Be aware of application deadlines and be ready to apply in November or December.
  • Universal ESA and AZ tax credit programs have separate deadlines and timelines.
  • For more info on funding a private school education click here

General School Enrollment Timeline


Start school exploration and research.  


Attend open houses and school enrollment fairs


Submit applications for District ‘Open Enrollment’ schools, Charter schools, and Private Schools


Application deadlines for many schools.

Tax-Credit and ESA “Voucher”  applications submitted (private schools).


Attend open houses and school fairs.

Tour schools. 


Schools notify admitted students.


Families make final school decisions and ENROLL with school of choice. 

Rolling admissions for schools NOT at capacity.

Submit ESA applications (private schools).