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Camps and Tutoring

We know how crucial finding quality educational, fun, camp or other youth experiences are for so many families when school is NOT in session. Camps do fill up quickly so, plan ahead.

Whether it is summer camp, spring break, rodeo or winter break – families can find and filter camps at any of these wonderful Tucson camp search sources:

Tutoring Opportunities in Tucson

Finding academic support and tutoring outside of the school walls can be challenging.  We certainly recommend speaking to a school official to gather some of their trusted resources.    In the meantime, we compiled a list of some places you can find academic support in Tucson (both in-person and virtual)


(These in-person spots also have remote options)

  • Tutoring Club: (Tucson Local) Serve all Pima County students Pre-K through 12th of all abilities. Test prep, all subjects, phonics, college prep, study skills and more.
  • Sylvan Tutoring: (National) K-12 academic tutoring. 2 locations in Tucson.
  • The Tutoring Center: (Tucson Local) Serve Pre-K through 12th of all abilities. All academic subjects, study skills, phonics, Kinder, Honors, enrichment and more. 
  • Kumon Math Center: (National) 2 Locations in Tucson.  Math, Reading, and study skills. 
  • Double 800 – Tucson Local Test Prep tutoring and courses.


For a comprehensive list of educational learning platforms online please click here


  • K-8 Homework Help – Pima County Libraries providing free online 1-on-1 tutoring for K-8 students in Pima County.  Tutors available everyday 2:00-11:00 pm for academic tutoring offered in English and Spanish.
  • Khan Academy – One of the world’s oldest and most renowned educational tutoring organizations.  An online platform that educates through short lessons in a video format.  
  • Mathematics Learning – Launched by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) it provides great math learning tools for students.  With over 700 lessons and 100 activities for ages PreK-12.
  • Mathscore – Helps K-8 students acquire an understanding of math in a fun manner – uses self-guided lessons.
  • UPchieve: Nonprofit providing free, online tutoring and college counseling to low-income high school students 
  • for U.S. Military and their Families: No-cost, online tutoring and homework help 24/7 for military and their families.  All subjects.
  • Varsity Tutors:  (National) Serves K-12 students with academic subject support,  Test prep, all academic subjects and enrichment courses. 
  • Learn To Be:  Helping students from underserved communities unlock their potential by connecting them with tutors online, for free. 
  • University of Arizona (College of Science and Mathematics):  Free AmeriCorps Math Tutors to support K-12 students
  • University of Arizona – Think Tank:  Community Tutoring.  Subjects include, Math, Science and SAT/ACT test taking strategies.