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About Us

MySchoolsTucson is a Tucson-centric, family-focused online school locator.  It offers families a simple, understandable, and unbiased opportunity to find and learn about ALL Tucson schools.  MySchoolsTucson is a centralized, “one-stop-shop” for families seeking to explore their options. This mobile-friendly resource is powered by the local nonprofit, Community Investment Corporation (CIC).

Community Investment Corporation (CIC), through our Family and School Engagement Program (FSE), hopes Tucson parents will feel more confident and informed about decisions regarding their child’s education.  Researching and exploring schools can be overwhelming – our goal is to make this process simpler. The site brings school information to Tucson parents and caregivers in a free,  time-saving, easy-to-understand manner.

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We value your feedback and would love to hear from you. We are committed to building resources that meet the needs of Tucson families. will continue to flourish by earnestly listening to valuable feedback from its users, like you! This will help us make necessary improvements, introduce new features, and more. We greatly appreciate all responses.

Information About our Beta Launch Phase

Prior to, and post-pandemic, CIC Tucson conducted focus groups and surveys to better understand families’ school exploration process and how they accessed  information about schools.  We wanted to learn more about their school enrollment journey so that we could use their lived experiences to guide the resources we developed.  Through those listening sessions and survey work – one thing became clear – Tucson families desired new, easy-to-use resources that provided unbiased information about the school options in Tucson.  

Starting March 2023, My Schools Tucson will be launching a ‘beta’ or test version of a school locator in order to gather user feedback from both Tucson parents/caregivers and educators in the community.  Our hope is to gain valuable input so that we can incorporate community feedback to develop and build a helpful resource for the Tucson community.  

Who is CIC?

CIC is a nonprofit dedicated to the financial empowerment of Pima County and the surrounding area since 1996.  Our goal at Community Investment Corporation (CIC) is to promote economic inclusion for all members of Southern Arizona, regardless of socioeconomic status. CIC helps to achieve this inclusion through various programs, including our Mortgage Credit Certificate Program which helps aspiring homeowners through tax credits and downpayment assistance, and our lending program, which provides much needed financing to small businesses and nonprofits.

We believe that education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality. Education can serve as a tool to break down barriers and change lives in a meaningful way for generations to come. Through FSE and the MySchoolsTucson free tools and resources, we want to make sure that any parent who has the desire and diligence to participate in their child’s education should never be on the outside looking in. 

Why We Are Bringing The Locator To Tucson?

We want to make finding, exploring and enrolling in schools simpler

We know that within Arizona there are many GREAT school options. Arizona is at the head-of-the-class in terms of providing educational options for families.   Open enrollment in the public schools, a growing number of charter schools, along with tax credit and ESA programs to help fund private education…Arizona provides its families with more school options than any other state.  

Arizona is at the head-of-the-class in terms of providing educational options for families. With so many educational choices, it is important for families to have the necessary tools and resources to help find a school that works best for them.  We, as a community, need to understand the challenge this brings to many of our residents.  It is our mission to help ALL people in Southern Arizona make better sense of their options and encourage them to engage in the school exploration process.  

We want to make school information more accessible and understandable to ALL.

CIC recently carried out a survey for Arizona parents and found that low-income parents were 7x more likely to do NO research when selecting schools.  In large, they do less research, have less understanding of Arizona’s educational landscape,  and consider fewer school options.   Low-income and the BIPOC community reported having less access to unbiased and trusted information about schools and found the school exploration process more confusing and difficult than their counterparts. 

We asked parents and guardians in the Tucson community both in the form of administering an extensive school exploration survey and through conducting focus groups to better understand families experiences, challenges, and gaps they encounter when navigating school information in Tucson.  The result was one that led us firmly to believe our families need more support in understanding their school options. 
Coming soon…. Survey Summary Report 

We want to help families become partners in their child’s education. 

Studies have shown that when families are engaged in school, their children are more likely to succeed.  Family engagement can be a difference maker in a child’s education. We believe that the school exploration process is STEP ONE and can kick-start a healthy family-school relationship by breaking down barriers to parental involvement. We know from our recent Arizona parent survey that BIPOC and low-income families are more likely to do NO research when choosing a school.  Once the school years begin, they report feeling less heard by their school leaders and less likely to give feedback.  Research has shown that parental involvement in their children’s learning is a more powerful predictor to their student’s academic success than any other variable – including race and class.

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